'Woman on Pedestal, Contemplating and watchin' the Fashion-world'

' Woman on Pedestal, contemplating and watching the Fashionworld'  ©  Stephan B. Reisig






'The less famous son of Albrecht Dürer  ( De minder bekende zoon van Albrecht Dürer ) 

©  Stephan B. Reisig 


'The less famous son of Albrecht Dürer  ( De minder bekende zoon van Albrecht Dürer ) 

( Detail ) ©  Stephan B. Reisig


'Bad Hairday'  © Stephan B. Reisig


'Elle veut pàs au Coiffeur! '  ©  Stephan B. Reisig



' Un Chasseur qui dit qu'il àime La Nature... se tire Une Balle !! '   ©  Stephan B. Reisig 


'O.M.G ! My New Home! '  ©  Stephan B. Reisig 


' Windy Day '  ©  Stephan B. Reisig 2013  



Heavy Thinking      


 ( Signature )  ©  Stephan B. Reisig 2013  


( Under Construction / More works will be added ) 

During my study at the Stadsacademie ( art-academy ) Maastricht, direction: Modevormgeving ( Fashion ), in the eighties, I was drawing portraits of everyone I met . Where ever I went I carried my drawingtools with me. Each day, after I did my  home-work, I produced big fashion-drawings, which I now would call: Fashion-illustrations. I even had shows with my work during my fashion-education-period, which went rather well. I didn't finish the academy, because I got an offer I couldn't refuse: A real job as an Illustrator / Visualizer with the fashion-house Fiorrucci ( Later became: Verte Vallee / Gapstar ).  After a short working-period I moved on to the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam, where I studied Painting. ( 1988-1990 ), but I always tried to stay in touch with Fashion by following the yearly designer-collections, bought lots of fashionmagazines. In my paintwork were always traces of fashion recognisable, due to detailed fabric-painting, fashionable poses of the pictured figures, etc. Later I did some illustrations for FNV-Kiem, an Dutch association ( union) for workers and self-employed people in the Arts, Information Industry, Entertainment,etc. Did some interior-design-assignements for friends and some bussinesses. And, before I forget: Made some decor-paintings for opera and theater. Now, 2013, I start my new bussiness as a professional illustrator, mainly for fashion-editorials, I hòpe, but also for other areas of the bussiness. Let me know what you think of them!  The illustrations, I mean .

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